Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust
Les Augrès Manor
La Profonde Rue
Channel Islands
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Our work in Jersey has a completely different focus from that of traditional zoos; the animals in Jersey are here as ambassadors for their species in the wild, they are here to help us all learn about them as well as ourselves. Today, more and more animals are becoming endangered, and Gerry’s dream of not having a need for a centre for championing endangered animals is sadly not to be realised in our lifetime.
Gerald Durrell’s choice of the Dodo as a logo for Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust serves as both a prompt to highlight the importance of conservation action and as a warning that should this not be heeded, many more animals face the same fate as the Dodo.
In 2009, the Trust celebrated 50 years in Jersey, where it has enjoyed great support and hospitality, while, we hope, contributing much to island life and the economy, and to worldwide awareness of Jersey.